Super Duty RCF Board

Temperature Grade

1260℃ (2300℉)


Alumina, Silica

CCEWOOL® Super Duty Ceramic Fiber Board is tough, with a normal temperature bearing capacity greater than 80t/m² and a high-temperature bearing capacity greater than 40t/m². Its compressive strength is several times higher than that of standard refractory ceramic fiber boards.

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CCEWOOL® Super Duty RCF Board

CCEWOOL® Super Duty Ceramic Fiber Board is a new type of refractory and heat insulation material, which is made of refractory ceramic fiber bulk as the main raw material. It can maintain high strength and low thermal conductivity at high temperature.

CCEWOOL® Super Duty Ceramic Fiber Board has tough texture.The bearing capacity at normal temperature is greater than 80 t/m2 and the bearing capacity at high temperature is greater than 40 t/m2. Its compressive strength is more than ten times that of general refractory ceramic fiber board. Its thermal insulation performance is basically the same as that of general refractory ceramic fiber board. It is a kind of high-strength thermal insulation fiber board.


  • Ultra-Low Shot Content

    Shot content is a crucial factor in determining the thermal conductivity of fibers. Using a unique shot removal process, our fibers achieve ultra-low shot content, demonstrating excellent thermal performance with low thermal conductivity and superior insulation properties in continuous high-temperature environments.

  • Minimal Shrinkage Rate

    Strict control of harmful impurities is essential for reducing thermal shrinkage and enhancing heat resistance. Through rigorous raw material management, we reduce impurity content to below 1%, ensuring low thermal shrinkage and high heat resistance in our fiber boards.

  • Strongest compressive strength

    Compressive strength refers to the fiber board's ability to resist breaking under pressure. Using a fully automatic drying system, the drying process is faster and more thorough, achieving deep drying in 2 hours with uniform results. This ensures the product has superior compressive strength.

  • Lowest Thermal Conductivity

    Through strict quality control and high-standard production processes, CCEWOOL® minimizes shot content and meticulously controls bulk density, achieving the lowest thermal conductivity. This provides customers with exceptional insulation performance and more efficient energy-saving solutions.

Features of Super Duty Ceramic Fiber Board

  • Excellent load bearing capacity

    CCEWOOL® Super Duty RCF Board demonstrates outstanding load bearing capacity, making it suitable for applications requiring robust support and durability under significant mechanical stress.

  • Excellent thermal stability

    This board exhibits excellent thermal stability, retaining its structural integrity and performance characteristics even when exposed to elevated temperatures, which is crucial for maintaining operational reliability in high-heat applications.

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance

    CCEWOOL® Super Duty RCF Board offers exceptional thermal shock resistance, allowing it to endure rapid temperature fluctuations without experiencing thermal cracking or degradation, ensuring long-term performance reliability.

  • Low thermal conductivity

    It features low thermal conductivity, effectively reducing heat transfer across the material. This property helps to optimize energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss in thermal insulation applications.

  • Low heat storage

    CCEWOOL® Super Duty RCF Board exhibits low heat storage capacity, meaning it does not retain heat energy extensively. This property supports rapid temperature control and responsiveness in heating or cooling applications.

  • Can be machined, cut, and shaped easily

    It is easily machined, cut, and shaped using common tools, allowing for precise customization and straightforward installation in various industrial and commercial applications.

Application of Super Duty Ceramic Fiber Board

Advanced Solutions for High-Temperature Industrial Applications

Back lining in ladle, tundish, torpedo car and hot metal ditch;
Load-bearing of kiln trolley;
Load-bearing of aluminum reduction cell bottom;
Cover plate for reformer floor tubes;
High temperature flange gasket for heat treatment furnace.

Specifications & Sizes

CCEWOOL® Super Duty RCF Board

Description 600 Super Duty Board 900 Super Duty Board
Density (kg/m*) 600 900
Modules of Rupture (MPa) ≥2.0 Before Firing ≥4.0 Before Firing
≥0.8 Afer Firing ≥1.2 Afer Firing
Compressive Strength ≥0.8 Before Firing ≥4.0 Before Firing
(MPa,10% relative deformation) ≥0.4 Afer Firing ≥2.5 Afer Firing
Permanent Linear Shrinkage (%) 1100℃X24h≤3.0 1100℃X24h≤3.0
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)
300℃ 0.08 0.12
400℃ 0.09 0.13
500℃ 0.1 0.14

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Adhere to Strict Quality Control System

CCEWOOL® products have won a number of authoritative certifications, including rach certification, Fraunhofer laboratory certification and CE certification, which fully prove the excellent quality of our products. These certificates are not only a strong guarantee of the quality of our products, but also ensure a worry-free process for your order. If you need to know more certification details or request relevant certificates, please feel free to contact us!

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