Inorganic RCF Board

Temperature Grade

1260℃ (2300℉)


Alumina, Silica

CCEWOOL® Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Board does not blacken at high temperatures, is smokeless and odorless, and features excellent strength and hardness. Its strength does not significantly decrease after a fire.

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CCEWOOL® Inorganic RCF Board

CCEWOOL has developed pure inorganic ceramic fiber boards and inorganic shaped pieces tailored to market demands. These products are manufactured on a proprietary production line with the addition of an inorganic binder. Used in domestic appliances and smoke-free thermal equipment (such as electric heating stoves, wall-mounted boilers, and spinning ducts), these fire-resistant insulation materials do not blacken at high temperatures and are smokeless and odorless. They also boast excellent strength and hardness, with no significant reduction in post-fire strength.


  • Ultra-Low Shot Content

    Shot content is a crucial factor in determining the thermal conductivity of fibers. Using a unique shot removal process, our fibers achieve ultra-low shot content, demonstrating excellent thermal performance with low thermal conductivity and superior insulation properties in continuous high-temperature environments.

  • Minimal Shrinkage Rate

    Strict control of harmful impurities is essential for reducing thermal shrinkage and enhancing heat resistance. Through rigorous raw material management, we reduce impurity content to below 1%, ensuring low thermal shrinkage and high heat resistance in our fiber boards.

  • Strongest compressive strength

    Compressive strength refers to the fiber board's ability to resist breaking under pressure. Using a fully automatic drying system, the drying process is faster and more thorough, achieving deep drying in 2 hours with uniform results. This ensures the product has superior compressive strength.

  • Lowest Thermal Conductivity

    Through strict quality control and high-standard production processes, CCEWOOL® minimizes shot content and meticulously controls bulk density, achieving the lowest thermal conductivity. This provides customers with exceptional insulation performance and more efficient energy-saving solutions.

Features of Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Board

  • Not blacken at high temperatures and are smokeless and odorless

    CCEWOOL® Inorganic RCF Board remains clean and odorless even at elevated temperatures, ensuring a smoke-free environment and safe operation in applications where smoke or odors are undesirable.

  • Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity

    This board exhibits very low heat capacity and thermal conductivity, minimizing energy loss and ensuring effective thermal insulation to maintain temperature stability in diverse industrial and residential applications.

  • High compressive strength

    CCEWOOL® Inorganic RCF Board possesses high compressive strength, making it suitable for applications requiring robust support and load-bearing capabilities without compromising its structural integrity.

  • Excellent wind-erosion resistance, long service life

    The board demonstrates exceptional resistance to wind erosion and environmental wear, contributing to an extended service life and maintaining performance integrity in harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance

    CCEWOOL® Inorganic RCF Board exhibits outstanding thermal stability and resistance to thermal shock, ensuring durability and reliability in applications subjected to fluctuating temperatures and thermal cycling.

  • Accurate sizes and good flatness, easily molded or cut, easy to install

    It is crafted to exacting standards with uniform thickness and flatness, enabling easy customization through molding or cutting with standard tools. This feature ensures hassle-free installation and a seamless fit in various construction and insulation projects.

Application of Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Board

Iron and steel industry

All heat treatment furnace lining, expansion joints, backing insulation, thermal insulation and mold insulation, steel mill ladle, tundish, ladle and refined ladle back linings.

Non-ferrous metals industry

Firebrick back lining for tundish, slot cover and aluminum plant electrolytic reduction cell.

Ceramics industry

Lightweight kiln car structure and the furnace hot face lining, separation and fire position for all kiln temperature zones.

Glass industry

As furnace hearth back insulation lining, burner blocks.

Kiln construction

Hot surface refractories, heavy refractory back linings, expansion joints.

Specifications & Sizes

CCEWOOL® Inorganic RCF Board

Classification Temperature 1260℃(2300℉)
Density (kg/m3) 320/360
Loss on ignition (%) ≤ 2
Normal temperature compressive strength (MPa) ≥0.15
Post-Firing Compressive Strength (MPa) ≥0.15
Surface Hardness (Hc) ≥60
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) ≤0.135 (500℃)
Common Specifications and Dimensions (mm) 900×600×20-50 (47”×24”×4/5”-2”)

Custom size are available.Contact Us

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Adhere to Strict Quality Control System

CCEWOOL® products have won a number of authoritative certifications, including rach certification, Fraunhofer laboratory certification and CE certification, which fully prove the excellent quality of our products. These certificates are not only a strong guarantee of the quality of our products, but also ensure a worry-free process for your order. If you need to know more certification details or request relevant certificates, please feel free to contact us!

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