Rock Wool Blanket

Temperature Grade

550℃ (1382℉), 750℃ (1022℉)



CCEWOOL® Rock Wool Blanket can be manufactured as water-repellent or low-chlorine products according to customer requirements. It can also have facing materials like aluminum foil or fiberglass cloth applied to the surface.

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CCEWOOL® Rock Wool Blanket

CCEWOOL Rock Wool Blanket is flexible and can well fit irregular equipment and large pipes. Its good length can effectively reduce the number of joints and thermal bridges. Water repellent type and low chlorine type of products can be manufactured according to the requirement of customers. Aluminum foil, fiberglass cloth, and other veneer materials can also be overlaid to the surface of products.

CCEWOOL Rock Wool Blanket is mainly used for heat preservation, noise reduction, and personal protection from large-diameter pipes, large storage tanks, uneven surfaces, dust collector walls as well as flue gas pipes in power plants and chemical plants, and at the same time it strengthens fireproofing performance.


  • Excellent Insulation Performance

    Rock wool exhibits outstanding insulation performance, effectively preventing heat conduction and helping to maintain stable indoor temperatures.

  • Good Sound Absorption

    Rock wool possesses sound-absorbing properties, reducing noise levels and improving indoor comfort.

  • Fire Resistance

    Rock wool is highly fire-resistant, able to withstand high temperatures and provide effective fire protection in case of fire.

  • Chemical Stability

    Rock wool has good stability against most chemicals and is resistant to corrosion, performing well in harsh environments.

Features of Rock Wool Blanket

  • Thermal Insulation

    CCEWOOL® Rock Wool Blanket provides superior thermal insulation, effectively reducing heat transfer and maintaining optimal temperatures within buildings and industrial equipment.

  • Absorb Noise

    The blanket excels in sound absorption, significantly reducing noise levels and enhancing acoustic comfort in both residential and industrial settings.

  • Healthy and Eco-Friendly

    Made from non-toxic materials, CCEWOOL® Rock Wool Blanket is safe for human health and environmentally friendly, contributing to a sustainable future.

  • Moisture Resistance

    This rock wool blanket offers excellent moisture resistance, preventing water absorption and ensuring long-lasting performance in humid conditions.

  • Energy Saving

    By improving thermal efficiency and reducing the need for heating and cooling, CCEWOOL® Rock Wool Blanket helps save energy, lowering operational costs and supporting environmental conservation.

Application of Rock Wool Blanket

Versatile Rock Wool Blanket for Building and Industrial Insulation

Applied into building wall and roof with good insulation and sound absorption property;
Widely used as thermal insulation material in boiler, vessel, valve and large-diameter pipe.

Specifications & Sizes

CCEWOOL ® Rock Wool Blanket

Maximum Use Temperature (ºC ) 550 750
Recommended Use Temperature (ºC ) 450 650
Surface burning characteristics Flue gas development index ≤25
Flame spread index 0
Combustion performance Non-combustible A1
Volumetric hygroscopic rate (%) ≤1
Mass hygroscopic rate (%) ≤1
Density (kg/m³) 80 100
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) 70ºC 0.04 0.038
100ºC 0.046 0.042
150ºC 0.05 0.048
200ºC 0.064 0.056
250ºC 0.076 0.063
300ºC 0.08 0.07
350ºC 0.077
400ºC 0.085
Health and safety No asbestos , No irritating odor , No bacteria

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Adhere to Strict Quality Control System

CCEWOOL® products have won a number of authoritative certifications, including rach certification, Fraunhofer laboratory certification and CE certification, which fully prove the excellent quality of our products. These certificates are not only a strong guarantee of the quality of our products, but also ensure a worry-free process for your order. If you need to know more certification details or request relevant certificates, please feel free to contact us!

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