PCW Bulk 2912

Temperature Grade

1600℃ (2912℉)


Alumina, Silica

CCEWOOL® Polycrystalline Wool Fiber Bulk is almost free of slag balls, making it an ideal choice for high-temperature and chemically corrosive applications.

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CCEWOOL® PCW Bulk 2912

CCEWOOL® Polycrystalline Wool Fiber Bulk is the ideal choice for high-temperature and chemically corrosive applications.

CCEWOOL® Polycrystalline Wool Fiber Bulk is made from polycrystalline mullite fibers. It can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 1540℃ (2800℉) with minimal shot content. This fiber exhibits excellent thermal stability and is suitable for high-temperature insulation applications. CCEWOOL® Polycrystalline Wool Fiber Bulk serves as a raw material for the production of polycrystalline fiber blankets, boards, papers, and other products.


  • Ultra-Low Shot Content

    Shot content is a crucial factor in determining the thermal conductivity of fibers. Using imported high-speed centrifuges, our fibers achieve ultra-low shot content, demonstrating excellent thermal performance with low thermal conductivity and superior insulation properties in continuous high-temperature environments.

  • Minimal Shrinkage Rate

    Strict control of harmful impurities is essential for reducing thermal shrinkage and enhancing heat resistance. Through rigorous raw material management, we reduce impurity content to below 1%, ensuring low thermal shrinkage and high heat resistance in our fiber modules.

  • Lowest Thermal Conductivity

    Through strict quality control and high-standard production processes, CCEWOOL® minimizes shot content, achieving the lowest thermal conductivity. This provides customers with exceptional insulation performance and more efficient energy-saving solutions.

  • Versatile Applications

    Can be used as raw material for RCF blankets, boards, and paper, or directly for high-temperature insulation and various other high-temperature applications.

Features of Polycrystalline Wool Fiber Bulk

  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

    CCEWOOL® PCW Bulk 2912 can withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or degrading, ensuring reliable performance in environments with fluctuating temperatures.

  • Excellent Chemical Stability

    This bulk material exhibits excellent chemical stability, maintaining its properties and performance even when exposed to harsh chemicals, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

  • High-Temperature Stability

    The material maintains its structural integrity and performance at high temperatures, providing consistent and reliable insulation in extreme heat conditions.

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

    CCEWOOL® PCW Bulk 2912 has low thermal conductivity, which minimizes heat transfer and enhances energy efficiency, making it an excellent insulator for high-temperature applications.

  • Low Shot Content

    This bulk material has a low shot content, which means it contains fewer non-fibrous particles. This improves the overall quality and performance of the insulation, ensuring better thermal and mechanical properties.

Application of Polycrystalline Wool Fiber Bulk

Advanced Insulation Solutions for Industrial and Aerospace Applications

Raw material for finished alumina fiber products;
Insulating fill for various industrial furnaces;
High-temperature seals, gaskets and coatings;
Ladle cover infill;
Aerospace industry.

Specifications & Sizes

CCEWOOL® PCW Bulk 2912

Classification Temperature (℃) 1600
Continuous Temperature Use Limit (℃) 1500
Chemical Composition(%)
Al2O3 71-73
Si02 27-29
Leachable Chlorides Trace
Color Bluish
Shot Content (%) ≤1
Fiber Diameter (um) 3-6
Fiber Length (mm) ≥100

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Adhere to Strict Quality Control System

CCEWOOL® products have won a number of authoritative certifications, including rach certification, Fraunhofer laboratory certification and CE certification, which fully prove the excellent quality of our products. These certificates are not only a strong guarantee of the quality of our products, but also ensure a worry-free process for your order. If you need to know more certification details or request relevant certificates, please feel free to contact us!

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