M90 Microporous Insulation Board

Temperature Grade

900℃ (1652℉)


Alumina, Silica

CCEWOOL® M90 Microporous Insulation Board has a thermal conductivity even lower than that of still air, making it an ideal high-temperature insulation material. The board surface can be coated with aluminum foil or PE shrink film.

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CCEWOOL® M90 Microporous Insulation Board

CCEWOOL® M90 Microporous Insulation Board is an efficient insulation product based on advanced microporous insulation technology. It has a lower thermal conductivity than stagnant air, making it an ideal high-temperature insulation material. The surface of the board can be coated with aluminum foil or PE shrink film. 

CCEWOOL® M90 Microporous Insulation Board can also be coated with high-temperature glass fiber materials on the surface of nano-microporous insulation materials using a special process, giving it low thermal conductivity while maintaining moderate flexibility, allowing for multidimensional bending to meet the requirements of special space applications.


  • Ultra-Low Thermal Conductivity

    Space, Weight, and Energy Savings: Extremely low thermal conductivity contributes to space, weight, and energy savings.

  • Heat Shock Resistance

    CCEWOOL® Microporous Nano Board can resist thermal shocks caused by low and high temperatures.

  • Thermal Stability

    CCEWOOL® Microporous Nano Board is designed to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 1652°F, ensuring stability in high-temperature environments.

  • Easy to Process

    CCEWOOL® Microporous Nano Board can be easily processed using common tools, simplifying installation and customization.

Features of M90 Microporous Insulation Board

  • Good fit to curved surfaces

    CCEWOOL® M90 Microporous Insulation Board is flexible and can easily conform to curved and irregular surfaces.

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance

    It withstands rapid temperature changes without cracking or degrading.

  • Excellent thermal stability

    The board maintains its structure and insulating properties even at high temperatures.

  • Low thermal conductivity

    It effectively reduces heat transfer, making it an efficient insulator.

  • Low heat storage

    The board has minimal heat retention, allowing for quicker heating and cooling cycles.

  • Non-combustibility

    It does not catch fire or support combustion, ensuring safety in high-temperature applications.

Application of M90 Microporous Insulation Board

Versatile Insulation Solutions for Industrial Applications

Back-up insulation in high-temperature furnaces;
Appliances insulation;
Fire protection equipment;
Electronic devices;
Nonferrous Metal Furnace;
Rotary & Shaft Kiln;
Various Incinerator;
Reheating Furnace;
Permanent Lining For EAF Ladle;
General Industrial Furnace etc.

Specifications & Sizes

CCEWOOL® M90 Microporous Insulation Board

Description M90 Board
Recommended Temperature of Use (℃ ) 900(1652℉)
Density (kg/m³) 280/300
Modules of Rupture (MPa) ≥0.15
Compressive Strength (MPa, 10% relative deformation) ≥0.3
Permanent Linear Shrinkage (%) 900℃ x 24h ≤2.0
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)
100℃ 0.02
200℃ 0.023
300℃ 0.026
400℃ 0.027
500℃ 0.033
600℃ -
Covering Material Aluminum Foil / PE Foil / Glass Fiber Cloth
Standard Size (mm) 600 x 400 x (10-50)
1000 x 500 x (10-50)

Custom size are available.Contact Us

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