• 10 - 26 Oct 2023

CCEWOOL refractory fiber achieved great success at ALUMINUM USA 2023 which was held at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee from October 25 to 26, 2023.

During this exhibition, many customers in the US market showed strong interest in our warehouse-style sales, especially our warehouse facilities in North America. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, we have warehouses in Canada and the United States so we can provide convenient and fast door-to-door delivery for customers from North American region; Secondly, we are committed to provide product with excellent quality and complete product range, including CCEWOOL ceramic fiber series, CCEWOOL soluble fiber series, CCEWOOL 1600 ℃ polycrystalline fiber series, CCEFIRE insulating fire brick series, and CCEFIRE refractory fire brick series, etc. So customers can order all the products required to meet the kiln design at one time, which is easy to operate.

CCEWOOL refractory fiber exhibited multiple product series at this exhibition, including CCEWOOL ceramic fiber series, CCEWOOL ultra-low thermal conductivity board, CCEWOOL1300℃ soluble fiber series, CCEWOOL1600℃ polycrystalline fiber series and CCEFIRE insulation bricks and other products, which won customers' unanimous praise and attracted great attention especially from customers in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that a local American kiln design and construction professional came to our booth and expressed high appreciation for the appearance, color and purity of our products. As a professional who understands our products, he picked up our products and kept touching them, bumping them around, after checking all details he gave full of praise for our products. This customer brought many groups of customers to come and watch our products over and over again. And especially our 1600℃ polycrystalline fiber products have impressed customers deeply.

A German customer visited our booth at the exhibition and showed strong interest in our ceramic fiber textiles. He was impressed with the smoothness and level of detail woven into our products. In fact, he visited our booth twice during the show, liked our ceramic fiber textiles very much and took a lot of photos of our display samples.

Our booth attracted a large number of customers, who were particularly impressed by the packaging designs we created for our different product ranges. Many local customers from United States have negotiated with us about potential opportunities to become CCEWOOL agent, and expressed a strong desire to become the exclusive agent in certain markets. The high customer flow at the booth aroused the curiosity and attention of reporters, who then came for interviews. Mr. Rosen Peng, the founder of our CCEWOOL brand, accepted the media interview as a company representative.

Our CCEWOOL brand founder Mr. Rosen Peng emphasized in the interview that ALUMINUM USA provides an excellent platform for professionals in the aluminum industry to exchange valuable information. In addition, exhibitors from Italy, Germany, India, Canada, Turkey and other countries participated in the exhibition, highlighting their trust and emphasis on the US market. Our products have been highly recognized by customers in the aluminum industry at this exhibition. And we have already reserved a booth for the next ALUMINUM USA exhibition. We will continue to delve deeply into our field, create more influential core products for our customers, and grow and develop together with the industry.

Providing customers with stable product quality has always been our core philosophy. CCEWOOL refractory fiber provides customized energy-saving suggestions and best refractory fiber products suitable for customers’ specific needs. From superior insulation performance to outstanding energy saving effect, our solutions are designed to optimize insulation performance and reduce resource waste, thereby lowering our customers' overall operating costs.

We sincerely thank our customers for their support and attention to CCEWOOL refractory fiber and look forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition!

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