AISTech 2024

  • 05 - 09 May 2024

From May 6 to 9, We Attended the Largest Annual Steel Technology Conference and Exposition in North America - AISTech 2024.

AISTech provides a comprehensive market perspective by showcasing the latest global technologies, helping steel manufacturers gain a competitive edge. This conference is a crucial gathering for leaders in the steel industry.

CCEWOOL® created a significant buzz at the exhibition with its warehouse sales model in the U.S. Accompanied by the official opening of our Charlotte warehouse, CCEWOOL® gained the support and recognition of local customers in the U.S. They recommended our brand to each other, enhancing global market trust in CCEWOOL®. In response to customer demands, our warehouse has expanded its product range, including traditional ceramic fiber products, high-end soluble fiber products, and 1600°C polycrystalline fiber products. We also introduced insulation bricks and the latest ultra-low thermal conductivity insulation boards. Our warehouse maintains an inventory to provide more convenient procurement services for U.S. local businesses.

The exhibition served not only as a platform to showcase our presence in the local market but also as a stage for global customer interaction and recognition. We noticed that this year's exhibition attracted visitors from countries outside the U.S. These global customers observed the interest and visits from our U.S. customers and showed strong interest and support for our development and brand recognition in the U.S. market. This global customer interaction not only demonstrated our influence in the international market but also added more trust and influence to our global business development.

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