CCEWOOL refractory fiber blanket

  • 01 Jul, 2024
  • Insight

Ecuadorian customer
Cooperation years: 5 years
Ordered product: CCEWOOL refractory fiber blanket
Product size: 25x610x7200mm

A shipment of one container of CCEWOOL refractory fiber blankets and CCEWOOL rock wool blankets, ordered by our Ecuadorian customer, with a density of 128kg/m³ and dimensions of 25x610x7200mm, has been loaded and dispatched from the factory on time on March 25, 2024. Please keep an eye out for its arrival.

The CCEWOOL refractory fiber blanket uses an internal needling process, achieving a tensile strength of up to 75Mpa, which is 20-30% higher than similar products. Its lifespan reaches three years, 20% longer than comparable products. This product has received unanimous praise from customers for its outstanding performance.

This customer has been a long-term user of CCEWOOL refractory fiber blankets and is very satisfied with our products and services. All products in this order are packaged according to the customer’s requirements, using CCEWOOL branded packaging to ensure the products remain intact during transportation.

The shipment of CCEWOOL refractory fiber blanket is expected to arrive at the port around April 25. Please prepare to receive the goods in advance. We appreciate your long-standing support and trust and will continue to provide you with high-quality products and services.

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